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Cannella Pies a choice of Apple or Orange Burst. Cannella is a cinnamon cordial, made locally here in San Francisco.


"Sedona Pies are Adult Gourmet Pies. Why adult you ask? Because they are made with Beer, Wine and Spirits, these are our specialties with naughty ingredients. As an artisan bakery creating sinfully delicious pies, they are gourmet and unique. As the chief creator Mari-Lyn Harris aka "The Pie Princess," says "Every company needs a cause, ours is “Feeding the hungry one pie at a time.” We give 5% of our profits to community food projects.


Red - Strawberry pie


We make sinfully delicious pies  "Adult Gourmet." you'll find in our shop



pie workshops


Happenings and workshops is where you'll find the various classes you can take

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pie club

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Wine Pies come in a variety of flavors




Beer pies even if you don't like beer, you'll like these.

beer pies

Spirited Pies

Spirited tequila pie

Spirited pies are made with Tequila, Rum, Amaretto and other specials we have created for your pleasure.


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Holiday Special
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