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Beer and Apple Pie
We at Sedona Pies believe in giving back by doing good in our local community. Contributing 5% of our profits to community gardens, feeding the hungry at local food pantries... By staying connected we enrich our relationships with each other.
Tequila, chocolate and pecans
The Pie Subscription is something we believe, offers you an opportunity to re-connect with your family and friends. Gift a pie or two, a Pie Subscription as a gift to yourself, friends, family and your clients. Every month you'll receive the special of the month.
creative pie
Do you make crummy pastry? Haven't figured out what the secret is to make a great pastry? Join one of our classes to learn how to make a great pastry for a delicious pie. Can't wait for one of our classes? Get a group of people together, we'll come to you to teach you how.

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Please Consider Lending to Sedona Pies
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Please consider lending to Sedona Pies – I sincerely appreciate all your support over the years. Now, that I’m re-launching Sedona Pies, I just need a little help. I am happy to announce that Sedona Pies is crowdfunding for a 0% interest loan on Kiva Zip. Kiva is the first and largest micro-lending service in the world that has distributed $709 million over 10 years, in 85 different countries, among... Read more

Mincement Pies
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The recorded history of mincemeat pies can be traced to the year 1413, when it was served at the coronation of Henry V of England. In the late 1600’s, mincemeat was served as a meat pie flavored with fruit and spices. Read more about it During the Stuart and Georgian times, in the UK, mince pies were a status symbol at Christmas! Very rich people liked to show off... Read more

Gluten Free Flour Reviews
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Gluten Free Flour Reviews came about as I’ve been experimenting with a couple of new flours for making pie pastry. Coconut Flour by Nutiva, I found this flour in Costco – I was excited to find something that would possibly be something I could use for gluten free pie orders. Sunday, I took this Coconut flour out for a spin making pastry shells for Thanksgiving dinner. I have to... Read more

Fall Harvest Pie
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Nothing like a fall harvest pie to experience the the warmth of the fall season. Pumpkin is very versatile in making muffins, bread, jam, marmalade, crepes, soups and not just for jack-o-lanterns. The contents, the meat of the pumpkin freezes well for future uses. I prefer to use real pumpkin rather than canned just a personal preference. 1.5 cups of cooked pumpkin + 1 Tablespoon cornstarch /3 cup... Read more

Hot Raisin Pie
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One of the favorite pies my dad loved was a Hot Raisin Pie, one that was just fresh out of the oven. Here’s a Apple & Raisin Pie Combo 4 cups sliced apples 1 cup water 1.5 teaspoons flour 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon 1 cup raisins 2 Tablespoons butter I always find pre-cooking the apples a bit, leaves them softer for the pie. It’s up to... Read more

Who doesn’t like Apricots?
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Who doesn’t like apricots, came about as after I posted that I made apricot jam on Facebook – friends said, “I hope a jar has my name on one.” Apricots are a delicious fruit – tends to be more on the drier side, they also can be very juicy. I was following a recipe – it kept saying to add water, which the amount I thought was too much.... Read more