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Protein in Our Snacks?

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Have you noticed all the new snack foods that are coming out? There are crackers, chips and of course popocorn an old time favorite.

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More and more food products are considering the idea of adding more protien to these new food products. If I want to have more protein in my diet I would rather get it from eating foods that I expect to deliver protein. I don’t really care for these snack foods to have protein in them Most of them add soy protein which is NOT a healthy protein it is just a filler.

I wonder how many of you read the ingredient labels?

Since my body reacts badly to SOY I really stay away from it. If it’s an ingredient then I don’t buy it. Unless I am really willing to pay the price for it later.

Why are more products adding protein to the foods?

Looking ahead according to the Hartman Group in Seattle, “Says, naturally occuring protein and fiber will be the draw for the future. Less processed, real food.” Less potato chips? Too bad as I do like Lay Potato chips..

For snack foods in my house, we like Hummas, a variety of flavors, rice crackers, veggie chips or for sure tortilla chips – organic ones with no added fillers. Natural spices.

Are we vegging out? Really adding more veggies and fruits to our diet? I tried just doing this, and I got sick..I am the type of person who likes meat..even though I eat meat, I do select a little more carefully.

Remember my last post about a Chocolate flourless cake? Well, I am going to make it for a dinner party this weekend..to find enough chocolate without Soy as a filler..I went to several stores and realized if I bought just organic chocolate it would be a very expensive cake…I only need about 4 lbs.

I’ll let you know how they turned out.

How about this unique cocktail a Carmel and Chocolate Martini?

Carmel and Chocolate Martini


2 oz Godiva chocolate liqueur

1 oz amaretto liqueur

2 oz milk

1 tablespoon caramel ice cream
(optional) moistened finely shredded coconut to coat rim of glass.


Coat rim of glass with coconut if desired.
Pour the ice cream topping into bottom of a chilled martini glass.
In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine milk, amaretto and Godiva liqueurs.
Shake well and strain into prepared  glass.

Look at these great fruit art.. great ideas for playing with our fruit and for dinner parties..

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