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About us at Sedona Pies we are an artisan bakery creating some awesome pies, they are made with love, gourmet and delicious.


Mari-Lyn Harris is the Chief Creator and baker aka The Pie Princess…Who’s talking about pies? The Pie Princess is along with her fans.

After watching the heart-warming story of a waitress in the movie called “Waitress,” inspired me to start making pies as a business. Love to bake, muffins, pies, cookies have always shared the baked goods with friends and neighbors. I was happily married at the time, incase you are wondering.

One time a trip to San Francisco, I was staying with friends, I asked if it would be okay if I made some pies? “Pie”, Doug said, Yes I replied, off to the store I went and bought a few ingredients to make pies. At the end of the day I had made five pies all different flavors.

On the way home from San Francisco, I started to chat about it with Robin (my ex husband) about getting into the pie biz. So, for a couple of weekends I did some sampling of my pies. Linda and Ray invited me to join them at their garage sales, to sample and get some feedback from people (a bit of research). Over the course over 200 samples were given away. I had gotten some pretty good accolades without asking for them from people who tried one or two samples. I even had a guy call me back – just to tell me how “my pastry was awesome.”

Here were some accolades that people have given me:

◆ Outrageous pie, Wow!
◆ The cranberries just burst in your mouth – full of flavor
◆ Best Pecan pie ever
◆ Loved the Grapefruit & Lime
◆ Very good
◆ Fantastically delicious – inventively satisfying
◆ Pastry is out of this world
◆ Very flavorful…
• Great Pie
• Yummy!
• Really Good!!

Since the sampling, we’ve been selling pies, the website is up, completed the brochure and continue to make up recipes, serve pie to friends, strangers.. The pies that I create are like the recipes that were made in the “ Waitress movie.”  

Sedona Pies was born “We feed the hungry one pie at a time.” some day Adult pies because the of spirited recipes. Have made up to 18 flavors of pies however, I am just showcasing the top 10, and introducing a pie of the month club.

We are a small artisan bakery, that will grow organically – through word of mouth, exhibiting, cross-promoting and  getting reviews and raves from my customers.

We offer Wedding Pies for any occasion you are celebrating.

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Our Social Good is about giving back to our local community causes like community gardens and solutions to solve homelessness. This is why we feed the hungry one pie at a time. For every pie that is sold, 5% of the profits will be distributed.

Be sure to buy a month of the month club your yourself and someone special!

Happy Baking!

Mari-Lyn Harris