There’s a Shortage of Pies

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There’s a shortage of pies, how come? I don’t know. I am discovering that people want more than just a preservative filled pie, they want something unique like the ice cream story below. The Shortage of pies is because, people have forgotten about serving pies for desserts, of which my goal is to bring back pies to the marketplace. Yes, sure there are pies you buy in the stores..have you … Read more

Why have an Appreciation System?

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Why have an appreciation system? The best reason is because you truly appreciate customers and clients.But the second reason is just as powerful, even if not as morally upstanding- money. Clients who feel appreciated stay with you longer, spend more, and refer your business more often. All that translates directly to the bottom line. Appreciate those who give you money Depending on your generation, the words ‘Thank you” may or … Read more

Spread a Little Sunshine

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Let’s spread a little sunshine. There is a fundamental thing about spreading sunshine around that will affect your food career more than getting a feel good out of it. You probably have heard about the universal law that when we give, it comes back to us ten fold. Try this. Go through your things an make a Goodwill run. Don’t do it for a tax write off, do it for … Read more

Brown Beer Pie Pairing

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Brown Beer Pie pairing is the perfect selection for a gal day any day. Brown like a good stout and chocolate beer tastes great in the Naughty 2 pie. About Brown Beer This heavily malted beer style features full-bodied notes of caramel and a sour finish. Best food pairing option: Salty and savory foods taste best; desserts and sweet food will distract from the sugary malt of the beer. read … Read more

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