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How far in advance should you order your pie?
About 2 weeks, it depends upon how busy we get and the time of the year. I would recommend that you call us for an appointment so we can discuss your options and then when you are ready order it.

How much pie should I order?
Each of the pies will serve 8 people. You also have the option in serving tarts as well. It will depend upon the number of people you will be serving at your reception.
Here’s our Wedding Packages

Have a limited budget?
It’s best to discuss what you have set for your budget, so we will be able to show you what is available and will work for you the best.

Can I have a themed Pie?
All our pies are customized to your theme, colors and tastes. Each recipe is designed with you in mind.

Where do we deliver to?
Anywhere in Arizona for retail orders. For Weddings and Parties to Phoenix, and Surrounding Area. Delivery is extra.

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