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Our menu and flavors of our pies are unique. They are made with Wine, Beer & Spirits.


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Do Better by Doing Good
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Do Better by Doing Good, has always been a good idea it’s my mission to make a difference. “Feeding the hungry one pie at a time.” Saying this it also means to be supporting local causes, not just charities. Recently I was asked to donate to a business for their office party. Usually in this... Read more

Small Business Person of 2018
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Small Business Person of 2018, I just found out that I won on Alignable. Something fun to share. It just sprinkled a litte sunshine on my business. It seems we all can have wacky days, some you just have to go with the flow and others you want to say “What the #$%*?” I knew... Read more

Looking to be Remembered?
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Looking to be Remembered? I think we can all agree we want to have more fun, joy and create memorable moments in our lives including to increase our sales. Old habits are hard to break especially if we are so used to just doing networking events, prospecting, emailing people are latest thing for sale. What... Read more

What’s been the best way to WOW your customers?
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This question was asked on Alignable, of “What’s the best way to wow your customers,” there were well over 1,000 answers. Patrice DeHaven from CARRIED AWAY Gifts Providing great customer service is a given, but that’s not good enough any longer. I have a few gifting programs that provide little touches and puts your name... Read more

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