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Relieve your stress, come party with us!

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Let us do the cooking and baking for you

Treat yourself and your friends to a personalized culinary experience. Just relax and enjoy while Mari-Lyn and her team shop, prepare, cook, serve, clean, and take care of everything you need.

Tailored Menus

We'll help you customize your menu's including food sensitivities


Wine tastings to selecting the perfect wine for your diner or party from our wine expert.

Party Prep

We'll come to your home, and prepare the whole dinner and party effects.

Serving & Cleaning

Including in our services, we'll serve and clean. Why not just enjoy your party. Rather than sweating over a hot stove, just to be too tired to enjoy it!

Chief Creator


Has been baking, cooking and doing events for many years. It’s like having an angel coming to help you, so you can just relax and enjoy your party.

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Mari-Lyn Harris
wine expert
Coming soon a Wine Expert

“Mari-Lyns' Pies are Number 1!!! The Best in Taste and Nutrition. My Favorite is Blueberry. You owe it to yourself to try one. You will not be disappointed ”

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Wine & pies

Book a personal chef for an unforgettable party experience