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Celebrate National Pie Day 2010

Come celebrate national pie day with Imagine Art and Sedona Pies on Saturday, January 23, 2010 11am – 4:00pm

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If you want to know what that means you can follow the Pie Princess at  For a more decadent and direct experience you can sample her pies at Imagine Art.

Order forms will be available that day (or orders may be placed and be paid for on the website) for all the tempted who will want to share with friends and family members.  Pies can be picked up a few days later at Imagine Art.

Some of you prefer the organic, homemade, sugar free fruit pies that contain Merlot, Cabernet or Chardonnay wine and others are devoted to pies like the spirited Italian Euphoria made with almonds, chocolate and Amaretto; the yummy art of pie.

We have over 18 recipes all of my own proving that the culinary arts are alive and well contributing to the already inspiring pottery painting emporium of Imagine Art.

We’ll be offering discounts to painters and a pies during their visit in support of Sedona Pies in their efforts.  Part of Imagine Art’s motivation to promote this endeavor is this note of importance to prospective eaters. Sedona Pies ‘fights hunger one pie at a time’ by contributing $2.00 of each pie sale to Food Banks and Loving Bowls.

Also, Sedona Pie tins are reusable.  When you return your empty pie tin to Imagine Art you will receive $1.00 off your next pie order.  Whether you plan to gift a pie or keep it all to yourself, you can have a clean conscience and eat your pie too.

Imagine Art provides an inspirational venue and unique creative experience for everyone who imagines art in everything they do.  Linda closed Imagine Art a few years ago.

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