Wedding Pies are Becoming Popular

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Wedding Pies are becoming popular for Grooms. Here are some Tips for Shopping for a Sedona Wedding Pie. Check out FAQ’s When you are looking for a wedding cake or pie check out your options, to make your day truly a very special one. Here are some tips: Start early, to find your baker or designer who you want to work with and set an appointment to discuss what you … Read more

How to Save on Wedding Costs

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How to save on wedding costs, some of them are the things you can do yourself. Not all of them, just some of them. Most wedding dresses cost from $249 to $649 when they are marked down from full retail prices of $900. to $9,000. So where do you find these bargains? • At the end of the year sales at Bridal stores • Wholesalers may throw a trunk sale … Read more

Doesn’t Your Man Deserve Something

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Doesn’t your man deserve something naughty for Valentines Day? Sedona Pies are gaining popularity for Valentines Day and for Brides on their Wedding day. Did you know that…. • St. Valentine become the Patron Saint of Lovers? • Esther Howland was the 1st artist that massed produced Valentine cards, in 1840? • Candy, Chocolate, Flowers, and Jewelry have been the traditional ways to express and share love, the sweetness of … Read more

Have You Considered Wedding Pies

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Have You Considered a Wedding Pies. Many people would prefer a pie rather than a cake for their wedding. Recently I was speaking with a soon to be bride and she didn’t anticipate her cake to cost $2,000 to $10,000. Pies are a little more versatile, in the fact you can select many flavors or have The Pie Princess design one just for you. Custom made, just not the big … Read more


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