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Doesn’t Your Man Deserve Something

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Doesn’t your man deserve something naughty for Valentines Day? Sedona Pies are gaining popularity for Valentines Day and for Brides on their Wedding day.

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Did you know that….
• St. Valentine become the Patron Saint of Lovers?
• Esther Howland was the 1st artist that massed produced Valentine cards, in 1840?
• Candy, Chocolate, Flowers, and Jewelry have been the traditional ways to express and share love,
the sweetness of it all.
• The Pie Princess, makes customized pies to suit your intentions, theme and palette.

When a Woman loves a man she gives him a Sedona Pie. Where there is “Love” in the giving and tasting, who knows where this will lead too…a proposal? A HOT romance?

Sedona Pies are dressed to sizzle ..the ONLY place you can get a custom made pie. Each pie has it’s own recipe. All made by the Pie Princess, as she makes sinfully delicious pies with Love and naughty ingredients.

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