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Wedding Pies are Becoming Popular

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Wedding Pies are becoming popular for Grooms. Here are some Tips for Shopping for a Sedona Wedding Pie. Check out FAQ’s

Wedding pie

When you are looking for a wedding cake or pie check out your options, to make your day truly a very special one. Here are some tips:

  1. Start early, to find your baker or designer who you want to work with and set an appointment to discuss what you want and options.
  2. Look for your Baker through friends, wedding planners, florists and caterers they all have their favorites.
  3. Think about your Theme and your Flavors that you want to serve. At Sedona Pies, is is crucial, as every order is customized, because each recipe is made for you.
  4. Interview at least three (3) bakers before making your decision.
  5. Do Not comprise the Taste for Beauty” It’s like a car you ready want, except it doesn’t run. If you only have beauty, and the cake or pie doesn’t taste swell then the distaste will outlast the beauty of everything.
  6. Get your Wedding Pie or Cake price in writing. After our appointment, I will give you the cost in writing. It’s one of the guidelines that we work with.
  7. Ordering guidelines

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