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Have You Considered Wedding Pies

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Have You Considered a Wedding Pies. Many people would prefer a pie rather than a cake for their wedding. Recently I was speaking with a soon to be bride and she didn’t anticipate her cake to cost $2,000 to $10,000.

Sinfully Delicious Pie Book
Sinfully Delicious Pie Book

Pies are a little more versatile, in the fact you can select many flavors or have The Pie Princess design one just for you. Custom made, just not the big price tag to go with it. As, a matter of fact, I had pies at my reception. Everyone really enjoyed them, especially the Sacrebleu pie.

By simply showcasing you pie/s on a stand, you can showcase your selection. Pies can be served by the slice or in a tart size. Your flavor ought to compliment your personality and the type of wedding you have are creating.

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