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Going Mobile

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This topic isn’t about mobile cell phones it’s about getting your pie, eating it and WOW’g your clients all at the same time.

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I recently was asked to deliver a large amount of pies to several locations. It has been an interesting exercise in being ready for those BIG orders and of course not having the answers right away. I began to do some researching on shipping, kitchen rentals and suppliers, I spent about 2-3 weeks making calls to shipping companies, asking for help and connections. Only to discover (not that I didn’t know this already, from starting out as a mail order pie business) shipping or mailing is expensive. However, there are companies who are willing to pay for something unique or different. Even if this was just an exercise I discovered a few things..

1. If you are a customer who orders 300 or more pies I’ll just come to you. Delivery is still extra.
2. Believe in what you are offering – No Doubts!
3. The BIG orders do come, most of the time when you least expect it
4. You’ll discover something in your challenges that become wonderful opportunities to be better
5. Think out of the box – I like Casey’s crazy ideas
6. Don’t hang out or be around people who like to “Dis” you, your product or service. I like to hang out with people who are optimistic, supportive and fun. (Crazy ideas too!)
7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – everything is in the asking! Read “The Aladdin Factor”
8. Another book I recommend – Crush It by Gary Van der Chuck..

Or buy the books from your local book store..

As you know, I just did my 1st Wine & Pie Tasting event on May 6, 2012 I will let you know when the next one is..I am looking for a coffee bar or store that is willing to sell my pies in Phoenix, any takers or suggestions?

Until next time….

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