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Vino Cotto & Pies

A while ago Deanna sent me a bottle of their Vino Cotto to experiment with my pies. Vino is made by Montillo Italian Foods. It’s a Sweet “Cooked wine” Syrup, they followed their family’s 4th generation recipe that came from Calabria, Italy.

I have been experimenting, and posted a couple of recipes on Food Buzz – one of them is what I call Strawberry Crush.. You can get the recipe by clicking on this link.

Some of you may have not heard of Rhubarb & Strawberry pie, and some of you it’s an old time favorite. I bought some fresh Rhubarb and made this pie. It’s basically the same recipe as the Strawberry crush only I added the Rhubarb. I hope you will enjoy it!

In the Southwest, Rhubarb is available at Bashas & Sprouts stores. Some farmers sell it at farmers markets. This year, there seems to be a shortage, just due the storms. Keep checking.

I used to get it from a gal who has a neighbor who had just too much of it. When ever you pick it, it keep producing. It was great! I can’t believe I am paying for it now. Oh, well that’s what happens when you move.

Be sure to get yourself a bottle of Vino Cotto. You don’t need very much and it goes a long way.. they are also on Facebook.

Stay tuned as I’ll be announcing the winner of name this pie contest.

P.S. I do not get any monies for referring you to Montillo Foods

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