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My Pie Passion

My pie passion and purpose is about making a difference, this is what M.A.D. means. I do this by promoting, connecting people and then supporting a cause like Food Banks – “Feeding the hungry one pie at a time.”

I consider myself a Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Evangelist, Author, Blogger, a wonderful friend who is supportive, I champion paying it forward. Love meeting and helping people. Recently, I changed my life forever by marrying my soul mate, currently reside in Sedona, AZ. That’s how Sedona Pies got it’s name. The Pie Princess came about because my husband Robin would call me this as a nickname and it has stuck.

Let me share with you about the “Power of Love” – L.O.V.E. is defined as Listen, Observe Validate Enthusiastically (with a little help from Michael Hartzell). Each of us has a special place within us where we want to make a difference. I haven’t met too many people that haven’t thought about it, or have something that they want to make a difference for someone else. By blazing their own trail.

The Power of Love means just this, a place where we can share, ask for help if we need it, to really make a difference..Check out Heart Jam, where there are several people who want to and are M.A.D.

What do my customers think about my pies and the idea of feeding the hungry one pie at a time?

They Love my pies…I’ve only run into one or two people who say they didn’t like them..either they weren’t sweet enough or didn’t want to sell them in their restaurant or cafe. I also believe that more and more people are wanting to buy from someone who gives back too!

If you are one of those people who think “out of the box” and want to create something new.. Just Do It!

Take what you know, share it, ask for help and blaze your own trail…soon, you will have people asking if they can join you.

P.S. Go be M.A.D.

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