What’s the Slow Food Movement?

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Share This: What’s the slow food movement about? Slow Food Nation began in Italy with the founding of its forerunner organization, Arcigola, in 1986 to resist the opening of a McDonald’s near the Spanish Steps in Rome. In 1989, the founding Manifesto of the international Slow Food movement was signed in Paris, France by delegates from 15 countries. The Slow Food organization spawned by the movement has expanded to include over 100,000 members with … Read more

Tea & Pie Anyone?

Share This: I got to meet Valarie the proud new co-owner of Fleur de Teas located in Phoenix, AZ. We spoke several times on the phone about perhaps working together – Valarie was interested in either having people pick-up their pie orders during the week and eventually selling them as well. Also dropped off a sample – which was my Plum Pie with red wine and chocolate dribbled on top. Val dropped me a … Read more

Brownie Pie

Share This: On the road trip I was reading a paper about Gluten Free diets, from Sally Ann Shurmur who shares her recipes on gluten free. This particular recipe is from Carol Fenster Ph.D. Flour mixture you will need to make the brownies: 1.5 cups potato starch 1.5 sorghum 1 cup tapioca flour 1/2 cup corn or almond or bean flour Makes 4- 5 cups of flour mixture Brownie Mix 1 cup of flour … Read more

What’s a Community Kitchen?

Share This: This has intrigued me for a while, so I just Googled “Community Kitchens” and got several variations of what they are. This is something I would really like to have in Sedona, or somewhere close by – to have cooking classes, coordinate with the local Food Pantry’s/Banks, rent out space for new food businesses and even hire homeless or youth at risk kids who want to learn a trade. Guess what I … Read more

Oh Boy More for Beer Pie

Share This: There are more and more micro-breweries sprouting up, you can even do Beer Tours it’s not just for wine anymore. On our road trip I picked up the “Celebrator” it’s a beer news magazine. August/September was their 22nd Anniversary. Who says, you can’t be profitable working your passion? Not only are more breweries happening, some liquor laws are changing too! Look out for those people. Did you know that beer is a … Read more

Mussels Anyone?

Share This: Continued from the last post. Along our journey, I was able to take a few pictures.. About half way on our road trip we met Frank for lunch at the Front Street Grill in Coupville, WA. This link will take you to their menu. As an appetizer the boys ordered mussels, now I don’t eat them- just because they are usually so tough. Not an enjoyable experience. However these were delicious! If … Read more

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