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Pane d’ Amore Bakery was Franks baby. When I first met Frank, he’s the Master Bread Baker and his significant other – they were busy, we drove up to Port Townsend to visit them.

On August 19, 2010 almost a year later Frank met us in Coupeville, WA for lunch, you can read more about this on the next post.

Frank the Founder is on the far right side.

What I really wanted to share with you is about Pane d’ Amore – their bakery. They only make bread, organic hearth baked bread. Open 7 days a week in Port Townsend, simply known as Uptown. I really wanted to find out how he got started..this wasn’t his 1st bakery that he began. He gave me a brief story on how he got started.. I love his bread.

He knew of my pies since Robin told him of them..and I talked about how and where I wanted to go with them. “Fresh Baked – Gourmet Healthy.” He said, people are willing to pay more – they don’t want their food full of preservatives. As a matter of fact they now have opened up 2 more locations and have up to 25 employees.

I have tried their whole grain, an olive & nut and most of their base is made from Sourdough., which is naturally leavened. Chewy crust, fine moist crumb, their breads & buns hit the spot. They are also Certified Organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture.

P.S. Frank died a few years ago, however his girlfriend and staff keep the place going.

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