Re-launching Sedona Pies

Share This: Why it seems to be so challenging to get Sedona Pies re-launched? To me everything should just flow – everything goes you know what I mean? I took the summer off, just to re-think the direction of where Sedona Pies should be heading to. I spent a year just doing marketing, product development and research. What I found is that: People are willing to pay for a healthy, gourmet pie, they … Read more

Are You Ready for Gluten Free Pies?

Share This: Recently I got a hold of some Gluten Free Flour..of course the bean flour really didn’t work out well, so I bought some Bob Mills Biscuit Mix, which he has a recipe on it to make a pie crust..I just followed the recipe and made 3- 9″ pies from one bag of mix. Here are some pictures of what they looked like before and after. I made two different flavors – Sacrebleu … Read more

CSA and Pie

Share This: What is the Verde Valley CSA? It’s a group of Verde valley farmers who provide just picked, locally grown produce to their community. I met Sandy Boyce that Director at the Farmer to Chef conference last I said, I and glad that I went, met some really cool people. Sandy got into this project to bring the farmers to the consumers. It’s like a return to the old west. Or more … Read more

Meet Chef Gwen

Share This: I wanted to introduce you to Chef Gwen, we met on Twitter and told me about the Farmer 2 Chef day, of course I went. The only thing I knew about her she said she teaches cooking classes, writes a bit..I found out she’s rather modest. here’s more of her story. Armed with a pen and fork, Chef Gwen launches a blog Chef Gwen says she’s been extremely fortunate during her culinary … Read more

Farmer 2 Chef

Share This: Yesterday I attended a Farmer 2 Chef event to learn more about who else I could buy from, network with my peers. Their mandate for this event is to forge lasting working relationships between food producers and food buyers. It’s about building a network. Fostering a handshake economy built on trust, strong relationships and a mutual commitment to good, clean, fair food grown close to home. I am really glad I went, … Read more

The Pie Princess review..

Share This: It’s on Harry’s Hideaway Cafe Last night my hubby and I went to dinner at Harry’s Hideaway Cafe, it’s newly opened for a month now. Harry and I were Tweeting back and forth figuring out a day for the next Tweet Up. I didn’t feel like cooking so I asked hubby if we could go out to Harry’s for dinner.. Sure. We arrived around 6:30pm, they close at 7:00pm. (they are reviewing … Read more