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Are You Ready for Gluten Free Pies?

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Are You Ready for Gluten Free Pies? Recently I got a hold of some Gluten Free Flour..of course the bean flour really didn’t work out well, so I bought some Bob Mills Biscuit Mix, which he has a recipe on it.

I just followed the recipe and made 3- 9″ pies from one bag of mix.
Here are some pictures of what they looked like before and after. I made two different flavors – Sacrebleu – which is Cabernet and Blueberries and Italian Euphoria which is Amaretto, chocolate shavings, and almond slices.

The one on the left is Sacrebleu and one on the right is Euphoria.

These two pictures are from when they are baked fresh from the oven.

The people who wanted to have a Gluten free pie, tried it out and said, they really liked them..perhaps the Italian one more so because it was sweeter. I myself did not like the crust, it was dry. But then one of the guys said, “When you can’t have Gluten then you get used to the taste.” The taste to me is like acquiring a taste for Scotch. The only thing I would do different for the fruit pies is to add a little sugar to the crust. Otherwise, it was a hit for the Gluten Free Diet people.

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