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Meet Chef Gwen

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Meet Chef Gwen – we met on Twitter and told me about the Farmer 2 Chef day, of course I went. The only thing I knew about her she said she teaches cooking classes, writes a bit..I found out she’s rather modest. here’s more of her story.

Armed with a pen and fork, Chef Gwen launches a blog

Chef Gwen says she’s been extremely fortunate during her culinary career. With three award-winning cookbooks, taught hundreds of cooking classes, and now, she’s doing the kind of food writing she’s always wanted to do. Doing restaurant reviews, writing about local food producers, exploring what makes certain chefs tick, and covering all kinds of food-centric topics.

The The next logical step in my ever evolving culinary career, is blogging. It was only a matter of time really. Blogs have taken off over the past three years as another means of communicating.

She hopes to write a few posts a week on the blog, covering a range of topics, mostly related to food, of course, but occasionally I’ll stray off course and just write about whatever strikes me. So far, Gwen has written about her new skink, my growing cookbook collection, and rosé wines, with a few sprinkled in recipes. I invite you to join the conversation, too, by posting a comment, sharing your thoughts. Click here to see what else she’s been writing about.

Chef Gwen Ashley Walters, CCP is an Author, Professionally Trained Chef, Certified Culinary Professional, Food Writer and Cooking Teacher.

Books she’s written:
Par Fork! The Golf Resort Cookbook (2003)
The Cool Mountain Cookbook (2001)
The Great Ranch Cookbook (1998)

Contributing author:
Edible: A Celebration of Local Foods (2010)

Food Writer for:
The Arizona Republic
Edible Phoenix
PHOENIX Magazine
Sunset Magazine

Good Luck with your writing Chef Gwen…

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