The Pie CookBook

Share This: The Pie Princess has announced a new project, A Pie CookBook. I e-mailed out this video to those who are on our mailing list, if you did not get it, please let us know. Otherwise you can watch it now. Below is a submit form, if you would like to participate in the Pie CookBook Fundraiser – Raising money for the Feed America, food banks and pantries. To join my Pie Club, … Read more

Buy Local is a HOT Trend

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Share This: Buy local is a hot trend, the demand is exploding for locally grown and made products–which means more support for mom-and-pop stores. The dividend: For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $68 comes back to the community. Only $43 recirculates from national chain stores. The “buy local”ethos has its roots in the farmers markets movement: There are almost 5,000 farmers markets across the country, the result of more than 5 … Read more

Local Grain Project for Arizona

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Share This: The local grain project for Arizona, by today’s standards, many mills were powered by water Many mills were not converted to electricity until the 1920’s. Overtime stone mills were replace with a rolling milling process. Hayden Flour Mills is a local grain project , by re-introducing heritage wheat and corn as a local food crop in Arizona. In the 1800’s the abundant crops of Arizona Pima and Maricopa Indian farmers provided the … Read more

Top 10 Home-Based Baking States

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Share This: The top 10 home-based baking states. Written by Detra Davis, she is a former home-based bakery, and brain-child of the ever popular Home based baking website. A surprising thing is happening across America; many foodies are trying their hand at baking from home to not only make extra income but sell delicious food products in their community. Today food crafters have more options when it comes to selling their specialty foods, and … Read more

New Trends: Food Entrepreneurs

Share This: With the job losses and many people seeking work, one of the things people are doing is taking their family recipes and taking them to the marketplace. Creating their own job. If you are thinking about doing this here are some resources to get started with: Looking to rent a commercial kitchen? You’ve come to the right place. We know from experience that starting a food business can be a real challenge. … Read more

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