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Local Grain Project for Arizona

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The local grain project for Arizona, by today’s standards, many mills were powered by water

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Many mills were not converted to electricity until the 1920’s. Overtime stone mills were replace with a rolling milling process.

Hayden Flour Mills is a local grain project , by re-introducing heritage wheat and corn as a local food crop in Arizona.

In the 1800’s the abundant crops of Arizona Pima and Maricopa Indian farmers provided the food the fed the first nonnative settlers in Arizona. Using sustainable methods developed over hundreds of years the Indian farmers produced a quality wheat, corn, beans and produce.

In 1998 Hayden Flour Mills ceased operation after 125 years of production. In 1873, there were 23,000 mills in the United States; by 1998 there were 201 mills, with four firms accounting for 70% of the total industry capacity.

What Hayden Mills is doing is to recover a local grain tradition. They are collaborating with other food communities to establish grain production using locally adapted seeds and sustainable techniques. The Greenmarkets in New York sell out the “local loaf,” within hours, chefs across the country feature heritage corn grits and polenta on their menus, for artisan bread makers’ demand for heritage bread outstrips supply and producers are realizing a premium cover commodity crops by growing heritage wheat and corn.

What Hayden Flour Mills are seeking are:

  • 5 farmers who would commit a total of 10-15 acres for heritage wheat and corn to be planted December 2010 and participate in further developments of the local grain economy over the next 3 years.
  • To engage 7 to 12 chefs to advise, test and passionately support the development of a local grain economy.

If you would like to find out more information or be apart of this project contact Jeff Zimmerman – 480-242-9002 or visit www.haydenflourmills.com

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  1. Maralyn Hill
    | Reply

    This is great news to share. Thanks.


  2. Mari-Lyn
    | Reply

    Thanks Maralyn, I met Jeff at the farmer to chef conference.

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