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How I See it For Cottage Laws

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How I see it, that it would get many of us including Sedona Pies a leg up into the food marketplace. Yes, by all means I would like to work in a Commercial Kitchen,

home cottage laws
Pay the health permits etc, however I must say that they don’t make it easy for you, unless you have a bankroll to back you. I am like many other Americans, looking forward in making more money, prospering so I can hire staff or contractors to let other people make money too! Oh, yes – I would be happy to pay taxes as well!

Michigan’s New Cottage Food Law Signed

This week, Governor Granholm signed a package of bills into law that will allow certain homemade products (such as baked goods, jam, honey, vinegar, and maple syrup, granola, and popcorn) to be sold directly to Michigan consumers without the legal requirement that they be prepared in commercial kitchens. The intent of the law is to support farmers’ markets by allowing certain value-added products to be sold without the expense and trouble of preparing them in a licensed commercial kitchen. Only direct sales to consumers are permitted; no mail order sales or sales to grocery stores are allowed. The law takes effect immediately.

Under the new law, only foods that have been determined to be a low risk for causing food-borne illness may be sold as a “cottage food product.” Salsas, milk and meat products, all beverages, and ice products are not permitted to be sold as cottage food products because they are more likely to cause food-borne illness.

All cottage food products are required to be labeled with certain information, such as specific ingredients and weight or volume. Read more about this here

Take Texas for example..

Over-regulation is one of the problems that makes it difficult for people to make a living, he said. Senator John Whitmire, who was also sitting at our table, agreed and said he found himself becoming more of a libertarian every day. I asked the two politicians if they would support an exemption from health department regulations that would allow home cooks to sell products like pies and preserves at farmer’s markets. (Such “Cottage Food Laws” already exist in many states.) Both Staples and Whitmire agreed that this was an excellent idea.

In fact the Texas Cottage Food Law was proposed at the 2009 session and was approved by committee, but was never voted on. The law is expected to come up again in the 2011 session, so there is time for food lovers to get on the bandwagon. But the existing bill, also called the Texas Baker’s Bill only includes cakes and cookies. Read more

These identical bills (one Republican, one Democratic) establish “cottage food operations” that produce “baked goods, jams, jellies, candy, snack food, cereal, granola, dry mixes, vinegar and dried herbs” as “exempt from the licensing and inspection provisions” (of the 2000 Food Law), as long as the food is (1) only sold at farmers markets, homes, farm markets or roadside stands, county fairs, town celebrations, festivals and events and (2) annual gross sales do not exceed $15,000.

New Mexico passed this law last year as well.

So, what do you say? Join the Facebook Group to help you with this

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  1. Mande Gabelson
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    Do you know where I could start in getting a Cottage law passed in Colorado? I own a business baking and decorating cakes out of a business incubator kitchen and I am tired of it! They are a great program but it's not working for me. Too expensive, monthly rent $135 and usage charge of $10 an hour. Not to mention the conditions are disgusting! I have to share and schedule around 20 different businesses and I am tired of cleaning up after them just so I can use a table! It is time for things to change in Colorado and if you have any advice or information that would help it would be greatly appreciated!

  2. mary clark
    | Reply

    Would like to join, I live in Arkansas and wondering if we have or trying to get the cfl in this state, Does anyone know.

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