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Some of My Favorite Pie Groupies

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I tweet and find many wonderful people and their products on Twitter. The Hot Moppin’ BBQ are just one of the products/Tony, is who I have gotten to know. Our Sweet & Spicy Dippin’-Moppin’-BBQ Sauce is as close to “traditional” as we get! With the tangy flavor of apple cider vinegar, the sweetness of crisp apples, brown sugar and a hint of firey Southwestern spices this sauce will make your BBQ meats stand out. Heat level Medium. Now if I just could figure out how to make a pie with their BBQ Sauce. You can find Tony on Twitter.

Alliance Beverage – they rep Tequila..it works great for the “Delicious”, you can find them on Facebook and on Twitter

Ok, we got BBQ Sauce, Tequilla now how about a little wine? AZ Vines and Wine Magazine is a good read too! You can find them on Twitter

Sedona Pies just got mentioned on Mark Johnson’s Baker’s Delight paper

My new friend Cyndi at Plaza Bonita..if you haven’t eaten there yet, by all means drop by and see them. Great Mexican Food. , and on Twitter you can follow Cyndi

Harry’s Hideaway is another great place to eat. It’s like down home cooking. I’ve written about Harry & Odele’s place before. You can follow them on Twitter

Can’t forget to mention RedRiverBlue Rhebekka is Passionate, exuberant at heart Mother, Artist, RN, lover of natures beauty & wonder; exploring the twitter connected conscious. She’s a great friend to have. Thanks Rhebekka. (I can’t believe she’s a mom!)

Montillo Italian Foods produces Vino Cotto cooked wine syrup. Get our latest news & some delicious recipe finds. Fan us on Facebook for recipe pics & more! These guys make a fabulous cooked wine syrup. On Twitter, you’ll find them here.

That’s all I am going to share right now..there are many others that you will hear about soon!

Until next time, Happy Baking – and a very delicious New Year!

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