Foodie Incubators

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What I am proposing, is helping foodies to market their products..not only classes but a market where by they can sell their food in a Market. This is a private to anyone that would like to be a part of it.… Read more

Donate to Japan’s Relief Efforts

Share This: Donate to Japans relief efforts, When you do, I am giving you “The Sinfully Delicious Pie Book” written by The Pie Princess & Friends. You’ll receive thirty-three pie recipes, which contain a whole section of Sedona Pie recipes. Or Buy the book and I will give the proceeds to Japan’s Relief Fund. Currently, it says $4. will go to Feed America, however I will give all the sales of my book to … Read more

Foodies Feeding the Hungry

Share This: Foodies feeding the hungry are at the Farmer’s Markets, some of them have actually seen a 20 – 30% increase over last years attendance and in sales. Most of the supermarket chains are trying to offer local farmer’s produce, other local producers are they thinking they should be competing with the Farmer’s Markets? They have figured out that people want fresh produce not tired produce. And their spin is about helping local … Read more

Trending: Food Trucks

Share This: Trending Food Trucks, a revolution is coming, streets soon will be full to them, even food parks. Local governments should encourage the trucks because they bring communities to life, said Chris Muller, dean of Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration and a former University of Central Florida restaurant professor. “The streets should be full of them,” he said. If you are considering it, be sure to check your local permitting laws. Tony … Read more

Positively Inspirational Encouragement = P.I.E.

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Share This: Positively Inspirational Encouragement = P.I.E. My friend Vincent Wright sent this over to me, it’s a wonderful thought and quote how anyone can think of it, and be uplifted in some way. Life is pretty good. My hubby was considering in moving us to California (2011) in a couple of months which would throw a wrench in developing more business in Phoenix. The decision is to not to go and luckily won’t … Read more