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Many Foodie Incubators help with the newbie to help them make the transition to being commercial to get to the Food Speciality Markets. The big question has been how do we get there?

kitchen space

There are several groups that offer kitchen incubators who offer shared workspace. Theses are few and far in-between in most cities and certainly non existent in small communities so what do you do? There are many struggling boot-strappers who really don’t have the money to pay the kitchen fees and all the other fees to get into a Farmers Market.

Since I fall under this category along with other several people, who provide a really good product, just need some help in their marketing and getting customers.

Kitchen Incubators are a great idea..however they are expensive to run..without the cities support in grants, having regular monthly tenants, and of course you got all the fees that are necessary for inspections by the health board for each person that is using the kitchen.

Your 1st year in the food business is critical to get started, especially for people like myself who really just want to get going. A slow preposition isn’t what I want to hear. I am now in that space of to BIG or go home. To go BIG means, getting the business loans, and start building my own kitchen and start producing..this all seems too easy for me right now. Ok I have a few customers or fans..now it’s going from $0 sales to selling 200 pies per month just to make it. You may not have pies, you still need to figure out your break-even point to justify the costs of doing business.

What are your options if you really, really want to be in the food business? Yes, you could like some BIG manufacture take over you get paid a royalty fee, however if you have a definite purpose in mind you may not want to go this way.

What I am proposing, is helping foodies to market their products..not only classes but a market where by they can sell their food in a Market. This is a private club..open to anyone that would like to be a part of it.

It’s being done already..

There is a food swap, where foodies swap their food with another foodie, is a type of Culinary Incubator and friend factory. Like-minded people getting together. Oh, yes, have your own Food Truck is an option too. However, permits are usually hard to get and it’s expensive a minimum investment is $100,000.

You can just do a Google search to find out a few options.. For me I’ll be moving into getting the Foodie Market up and running in my rural community. We all can learn from each other the in’s and out’s, plus it’s a great community to build friendships. See you soon. Contact me, if you would like more information if you want to get involved.

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