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Trending: Food Trucks

Trending Food Trucks, a revolution is coming, streets soon will be full to them, even food parks.


Local governments should encourage the trucks because they bring communities to life, said Chris Muller, dean of Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration and a former University of Central Florida restaurant professor. “The streets should be full of them,” he said. If you are considering it, be sure to check your local permitting laws.

Tony Adams agrees. He owns a catering business called Big Wheel Provisions that he plans to expand with a food truck.

“The food-truck revolution is coming,” said Adams, trying to negotiate a lease for private space downtown. “Hopefully, Orlando is catching up.”

Despite the hype, Phoenix has been slow to catch on, to say the least. The Valley lacks a steady pedestrian population, and its city codes governing mobile food vendors are strict and rigid compared with other major metropolitan cities. But that’s not stopping the current food truckers from rallying together to create awareness.

In September, a small group of frustrated but excited business owners came together. These foodie peers formed the Phoenix Street Food Coalition, which now boasts 25 members. But the membership is indicative of the sheer newness of the trend: Only a handful actually have ready-to-roll trucks.

Food Truck Business

Bay Area permits

Ahwatukee residents Jeff Kraus and Erin Ware returned from a summer trip to Paris a little more than a year ago with what they thought was the perfect business concept: a mobile, Parisian-style street-food business. Truckin’ Good Food. The married couple obtained a catering license, created a menu that includes locally grown produce and, since January, has served French fare, including crepes and pommes frites, at Valley farmers markets.

Truckin’ Good Food is one of a small but growing number of “gourmet food truck” businesses that stay connected to customers with social networking tools. Kraus also is the founder of the Phoenix Street Food Coalition, which includes about a dozen other Valley gourmet trucks such as Short Leash Hot Dog, La Vida Locavore and What’s Your Grind Coffee.

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