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We have Berry Pie – not the bird kind

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The story about Fresh Blackberries “If reason were as plentiful as blackberries, I would give no man a reason for compulsion” Henry IV, Shakespeare.

raspberry pie

Shakespeare sure knew how to turn a phrase, didn’t he? For instance some refer to the blackberry as a Bramble Berry, not our friend Will. He knew the best way to describe this bountiful berry was by its rightful given name. The Blackberry.

The distinction between blackberries and raspberries revolves around fruit characteristics. All bramble fruits are aggregate fruits, which means they are formed by the aggregation of several smaller fruits, called drupelets. The drupelets are all attached to a structure called the receptacle, which is the fibrous central core of the fruit. In raspberries, the receptacle remains with the plant when fruit are picked, creating the hollow appearance of the harvested fruit. In blackberry, the drupelets remain attached to the receptacle, which comes off with the fruit when picked. A second distinction – raspberry drupelets are hairy and adhere to one-another, whereas blackberry drupelets are hairless and smooth.

Some of the most important commercially grown brambles are actually blackberries – red raspberry hybrids.

It’s Father Day tomorrow and guys love pies, the berry pie or apple pie seems to be the very best that they like. My hubby ordered his favorite which is Blueberry – I am sure you all have your favorite kind as well. Did you know, that Apple, Pumpkin, Pecan and Blueberry are the top pies that people love?

I would like to wish you a Happy Father’s Day weekend! To all our fathers who mentor, who care for us for guys who are around us, guide us who ever you are Thank you!

The Pie Princess

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