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Share your Stories with Sedona Pies

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Welcome back to Sedona Pies. Share your stories with Sedona pies.

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I surrendered doing what I was doing to get the funds to expand. It simply wasn’t flowing and I felt it was time to stop. So, I did. I am bummed about it right now, however I know something else will show up. Let’s move on. Next!

This week I am going to do something different. In order to build a compassionate, and passionate business I would like to hear your stories.

A friend of mine Olivia and I were talking about her experiences in Singapore where she was giving a talk about Kindness and Leadership. The Leaders and HR people really wanted to make a big advancement in creating a better culture in business and their workplaces.

And then we starting talking about Compassion, so many people want to be heard, to feel a part of an organization, be WOW’d. Our conversation led me to thinking wouldn’t it be great to have people share their experiences and stories?

Compassion meaning: empathy, fellow feeling, care, concern, solicitude, sensitivity, warmth, love, tenderness, mercy, leniency, tolerance, kindness, humanity, charity. Not being treated with indifference or cruelty.

Share your stories and experiences:

Olivia is was seeking your stories about compassion and kindness. It was for her Compassion book.

I am seeking your stories and experiences so far with Sedona Pies. No holds bar..because I really want to know. Whether they are good or bad or indifferent, (great would be nice too!) I would really like to hear them, you can either post them as comments or email them to me. Just let me know if it is ok, to publish your name.

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