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Give Kindness a Chance

Give kindness a chance. One of the things that I thought I would share is about the things that I am passionate about.


Many years ago when I was going through a tough time, one of the big things I learned through my surrendering was to be more kind to myself. Since then, I have been performing kind acts and asking myself what would make Mari-Lyn happy?

I have discovered, it’s about the little things in life that really make us so and my life has certainly become better – a happier mind set. Along with donating to Feed America, I also volunteer and do kind acts for other people.

What struck me this morning was that feeding the hungry by donating to Feed America is a kind deed along with all the other things that I do and offer.

Here’s a video clip – it’s a little bumpy – Rev Kate and I went out and decided to do a hug day on a Saturday morning. It was a lot of fun, and we started to get more people to join us in giving hugs away. I hope you enjoy it.

On September 11, 2011 a group of people have come together to perform RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS TRIBUTE.

This September marks the 10 year anniversary of the horrible atrocities of 9/11.

On this day please join me in performing a random act of kindness.
This can be as simple as holding a door open for someone or as major as donating your time and/or money to someone in need… Anything you can think of that will brighten someone’s day.

Check out this group – I was active with them too! Random Act of Kindness

This is an open event that can be performed anywhere in the world… let’s see how many people we can get involved!!!

please share with all your friends on and off Facebook as a tribute to all who have been affected by the devastation of that day 10 years ago.

And I also on November 13, I give out Kindness Hero Awards. Starting October 1, nominations will be accepted until October 30, 2011 and presented on November 13, which is World Kindness Day.

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