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If Pie is the new Cupcake…

If pie is the new cupcake, how does this effect desserts? Betty Crocker has reported that Pie is the new cupcake. Pies top in 2011 in the Restaurant News.

blueberry pie
Sacrebleu – Blueberry and Cabernet wine

Moms Smack wrote: Really? Is that possible? Don’t get me wrong I love pie. Pie is warm and comforting, goes great with ice cream, and with so many varieties to make can be made and or given at most any occasion. But to replace a cupcake with it? I’m going to have to see it to believe it.

“This is not just sweet pies, this is savory pies, bite-sized pies. They are even blended into milkshakes,” he said. “I’ll eat pie if I don’t get this one right at the end of the year.” Read more

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Theres’s been many messages about the cost of our food going up and more people are starting to stay home more often for dinner, because of the economy 57% people report they eat dinner more at home and eat out less often.

I believe that trends tell us what’s coming up, however, even if we decide that we are only eating at home..then what are you buying more of? Are you buying the ingredients and making pie or other foods from scratch? Or are you buying pre-pared food and making meals at home?

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