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Sedona Pies – PR 2011

There are so many exciting things happening for sedona pies and PR. (2011) At Sedona Pies we are still accepting orders for Weddings, Events and Holiday seasons.

sedona fests
With Thanksgiving coming up, consider ordering a pie from us. In the meantime, I will be writing about food, travel things I think you would enjoy knowing about.

I am following up on the leads I have gotten from people to get a publisher, so the Sedona Pie Book can get published..the 1st edition will not be in an e-book format, just for copyright purposes.

Sedona Vacations have put together a very nice website, that you can go look at and find out what is happening in Sedona. Do check it out. There is also the Sedona Wine Fest, it’s September 24 & 25th, 2011. I will be volunteering on Sunday, so be sure to get your raffle tickets and drop by to say hello.

Open Table have just announced the winner of the 2011 Diners Choice Awards. Many OpenTable diners consider themselves to be foodies – they are informed, adventurous and, above all, appreciate unique dining experiences. We have asked our diners to tell us which restaurants they consider to be the most “Fit for Foodies”. Having now collected more than 10 million restaurant reviews, we have our 2011 Diners’ Choice list of the top 50 restaurants for foodies. Disappointed that Sedona is not on their map. I guess restaurateurs are using Open Table. It’s a reservation system.

An then for the Recipe Fans, there is Recipefy it is a social network as well which means that you can follow other users, comment on their recipes and add them to your favourites. Your friends’ recipes will show up under the News tab. You can also browse recipes by user locations, although if we had a choice, it might make more sense to browse by where the recipe itself is from, rather than the cook.

Recipefy already has almost 2,000 recipes in its database, categorized under appetizers, starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks. While other well established sites like Epicurious do have a social network aspect to them, Recipefy sets itself apart by being built entirely on crowd sourcing.


The Pie Princess

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