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How the women pioneers won the west!

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How the women pioneers won the west. During the lives of the pioneer women, I wanted to create a bit of history of how baked goods got started.. (really more about how pies got started)

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Many women got married and followed their newly married husbands and moved out west..and most of the time of course they gave up all their amenities that they had or gained. They settled in the Western States of Montana, Alberta Canada, most of the time to follow the gold rush..in the 1800’s

When I checked into Sedona – since it’s a really new area meaning, it’s only about 50 years old..not much written about the women pioneers of Sedona. It was already in the early 1900’s that Sedona came to be. By this time conveniences of having water easily available or found. Their homes, they built were of brick and near the Oak Creek river.

Reading of how so many families coming to the Wild West from the book Pioneer Women, by train or wagon. The women were not quite prepared to cook, in the conditions they found themselves in with campfires to do their baking and cooking. It was important that these families had a cow for milk and chickens to give them eggs. The would collect buffalo chips for the fire also known as “meadow muffins.” They found that a few chips in the wagon, was great to clear out the mosquitos out. If you had a better stove that you could cook on top the belly of the stove. If it rained you need to come up with a great deal of ingenuity, if not there were many days where you ate nothing but crackers and raw bacon.

I am not going to write all of their experiences as we could just get a book from the library and read about their harrowing stories. Interesting thing about Prickly Pears, they were boiled and the needles were removed, then fried to eat the meat. A great source of Vit C.

I can’t say, that I envy the Women Pioneers as they made their journey west. There isn’t much written in how they baked. Mostly they learned from each other and different cultures came together to learn how to cook. Life was hard, so they just adapted the best they could. It wasn’t really until the early 1900’s that baking was come to be.

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