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Preparing for Thanksgiving & Pies

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Preparing for Thanksgiving & pies. What exciting things do you do to prepare for Thanksgiving?


Every year as long as I can remember I’ve always prepared dinner (except for a couple of times, when I have gone over to other people’s place for dinner) had orphans over for dinner. Not necessarily, that they are real orphans, just people who didn’t have any plans or wanted to come over, or people who truly didn’t have anywhere to got for the holidays.

In 2008, I invite a neighbor over for dinner, he was single – I spoke to him often in the hallway of the apartment building where I lived. He wasn’t sure so he called the landlord to see if I was ok or not?? Well, he did come over along with another friend for dinner. That was the smallest dinner I ever had, three of us.

This year 2009, I expect about 10 people to come over – most of the people I have invited about six people have said they are going to travel to visit family for dinner. This is great..for the rest of us, my family is now in Sedona..This year, I will do the turkey, dressing and pie. Of course. I did already cooked the pumpkin down, ready for pies. I have to say Costco does a great pie too! I like it. You know, it’s still better from scratch than from a filling in a can.

Oh, if you live in Sedona, and would like to join us for Thanksgiving dinner the invitation is still open. It is Potluck, you bring a Salad or Veggie dish and wine or favorite beverage. Let me know, if you are up for it. We do have a lot of fun!

I started doing Thanksgiving dinners or hosting them, because one year I didn’t have anywhere to go so I started inviting friends over for it has just expanded. I really enjoy the whole process. To me it really creates a community of people who gather and share..I Love it!

One year, actually my 1st year in Sedona, my husband kept inviting people over..soon there were 14 people for dinner, we all ate in stages and on our laps. Didn’t really have a table. This was interesting however, everyone enjoyed the dinner and company. It’s the kind of thing where, when you leave you have your heart opened and you are happier for the experience.

I recommend that, if you know of a few people that don’t have anywhere else to go, invited them over you will be enriched by it.

Happy Day!

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  1. SweetPosyDream
    | Reply

    Hi there,
    Glad to have found your blog via LinkedIn Blog Zone group. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I'm sure it was lively and fun with 10 people. We only had four, but we had a wonderful time.

    Lynette – Sweet Posy Dreams

  2. Mari-Lyn
    | Reply

    Thanks for dropping by…hope you had a wonderful day too!

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