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Gourmet Sedona Pies Now Shipping!

Yes we are shipping our Gourmet Pies..not our fruit ones yet, as we haven’t figured out how to ship out the fruit pies, without the filling sitting in the corner of the box

tequila pie
Tequila Pie aka Delicious

After they have been shipped. Normally they would be sent out frozen…we don’t want to use dry ice, just incase there was a problem with the shipping process the gas could leak into the pie.

What we are going to ship is our non-fruit pies and Biscotti.

Naughty – Pecans, Agave & Beer
Naughty 2 – Pecans, Chocolate, Agave & Beer
Viva 2 – Almonds, Agave and Beer
Italian Euphoria – Almonds, Chocolate & Amaretto
Delicious – Pecans, Chocolate & Tequila

Chocolate & Almonds
Cranberry & Pecans

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the Order Page

Buy now page. if you would like a pie shipped out as a gift or for yourself. We also have added Gift Certificates. Especially for those people who have everything.

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