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Great tasting, ALLERGEN FREE

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Great tasting, ALLERGEN FREE. Juliette, really wants to get her Allergen Free baked goods off the ground.

Please watch the video, which is completely unscripted, so you can see what a 2 year old thinks of these muffins. He has no idea they are filled with spinach, kale, avocados and more 🙂 His comments were unprompted ( and unexpected ) 🙂

To read more about their Kickstarter fundraising campaign..click here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our project and we hope you will pledge and help us reach our goal so we can provide healthy, ALLERGEN FREE foods to kids everywhere, at a price their parents can afford.



If our project meets it’s funding goal we will send you a poll for you to vote on for naming our mascot, the anteater. When we have everyone’s votes in we will tally them up and which ever name has the most votes will win and that name will be given to the anteater. If you would like to tell the anteater it’s new name, there is a pledge level which will allow you to meet the anteater and have the honor of telling it it’s new name 🙂

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