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Gardens for Humanity & Pies

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Sedona Pies being the social change vehicle promoting Gardens for Humanity

Gardens for Humanity

When I started Sedona Pies, as you know my intention was to use Pies as a Social Change vehicle to help feed and teach the hungry. Also, to create a place to sell pies, educate and create a cafe with a commercial kitchen Even partner up with Community Gardens, as part of the educational aspect of healthy food.

In Sedona, AZ are getting ready for their 5th year of a Spring Planting Festival, when I was speaking to Richard of why they have an event that is for seven days..his response was that then they could provide many educational classes throughout the week. Like, how to become a Beekeeper, How to make a garden, Composting, Foraging, Art & Healing plus many other subjects.

What do they do?

They organize people to have their own gardens no matter how big or small they are. Teach and celebrate the connection of nature, art, community while promoting an ecologically sustainable and more humane culture. Gardens for Humanity was founded in 1996 by Adele Seronde and fellow artists, to include people who love gardening, art as healing. Over time the gardens will seek to balance the natural world.

What I like about it is that, there is a great opportunity to educate children and adults about why a garden is so important, how it can feed ourselves and our community. Whenever I see an empty lot, I think to myself there should be a community garden. Community garden, brings together people, help to heal Mother earth and it can feed many people.

The City of Sedona, so far has declined community gardens to exist in the city limits, which I think is a shame. Now, I am asking you to build yourself a garden, even if it’s just a herb garden on your patio, get your neighbors to start gardens, share what you have too much of and exchange the fruits and vegetables.

Attend the Spring Planting Festival take classes and start your new garden, either in the spring or fall.

For more information about their upcoming event – it’s March 24 – April 1, 2013. (the dates may change as they are not posted on the website yet)
The website is Gardens for Humanity

I do hope you take the time to explore get involved as I know they will need volunteers, donations, members and sponsors.

Thank you!

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