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Wouldn’t it be nice, Pies

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 “Wouldn’t it be nice, Pies.” It would be nice to have a place to serve pies and coffee even if it was one afternoon a week, like on a Sunday?

beer pie

Sometimes, it’s just nice to go somewhere and have a delicious slice of pie and coffee.. We’ll see what comes up.

Have you placed your name on the Guest List for the Underground Culinary Club yet? I’ve had some good responses for people wanting to attend. Hoping to get started in September. I have a couple of people who would like to host them in Oct and Nov. September is needing a place. I am sure that we’ll find one. If you would like to consider it, the space needed is a minimum of 10 plus seats.

Have you ever been or signed up for a class or group to join on Meet-Up? There are several groups that mostly are listed by your interests. Also churches have groups, and networking groups. Someone suggested that I check them out to find groups to join. It’s been amazing of what groups I have joined and started going to various activities. Since Sedona, Flagstaff and the Verde Valley area is known for hiking. I just did my first hiking exploratory this morning. If you want to get out a meet some new people, or start your own group, I would recommend that you check it out. There was one gal who was on holidays this week and joined us. It’s nice to see the visitors jumping in too. Since I returned back to Sedona, I feel like a newcomer and yet an old-timer, I wasn’t gone that long. People and places change.

Changes in the Specialty food market has seen a robust increase in products and pricing. What’s happening is that food producers are going directly to the consumer rather than using a distributor or retailer. Raw food costs are up as much as 25%. We certainly saw this for some of our pie ingredients. What are the manufacturers or producers doing to combat this higher costs?

  • Partnering with other businesses to cross-promote each other
  • Doing more demo’s – those 5 minute bites
  • Expanding using Social Media for their promotional and marketing
  • Increased their pricing
  • Using less packaging
  • Some smaller producers like jams, jellies, sauces moved up to a manufacturing plant

One of the things we changed to was, using glass pie I found that with aluminum it wasn’t a great grade and this way, when the customer re-order a pie, they would get $2. off on their next order. The aluminum, as was flimsy it wasn’t a stable product. It’s all the little lessons that I learned along with way to make things better.

Look forward in seeing you at one of the Dinners in the Club. Just place your name and e-mail in the opt-in box on the right side-bar. I know you will really enjoy them, as my friends who attended my dinner parties before keep asking me when is the next one!

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