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Women are Emerging as Master Brewers

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Women are emerging and becoming master brewers. Up until the last 20 years the American beer industry was almost exclusively male-oriented.

They drank together they sold to each other. It was another Old Boy’s Network. This was their bonding time, just like watching football, baseball and other sports. NO women were allowed.

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More women are preferring beer – according to a Gallup Poll in July 2010 there has been an increase of 7% of women are growing since 2007.

What is beer made from?

Water is the base it makes up to 90% of beer content.

Malt, it’s considered “The Soul” of beer. Malt provides the sessional starch, body color and foam and it also balance the hop bitterness.

Base malts are usually light colored – you’ll find this in Domestic beers like Pal Malt, German Pale Malt and English pal Malt.

The Specialty Malts are ofter sweeter tasting -the ambers tend to be darker in color like a Vienna Malt, Muich Malt.

Caramel Malts these are more copper colors, sweet flavors, caramel, toasted or sweet toffee.

Roast Malt are typically used in small quantities by the brewer to the sole purposed is to enhance the flavor of the beer.

Hops is the spice, these beers contains essential oils alpha acid and beta acid resins which provides a host of benefits to beer. Spices include citrus, flowers spices, grass, woody notes. Simuliar to notes in fragrances.

Yeast is the life of the beer. There are may different kinds of yeast strains. There are basically two main types ale and lager yeast.

There is a quite a lengthy process for brewing beer, beer styles and flavors yet to be discovered. I decided that I would write a little about beer since I like using a dark beer to make a few of my favorites are Oak Creek Nut Ale and a Porter beer.

The History of how beer got started…
The 18th Amendment to the US Constitution imposed Prohibition in the US from 1920 to 1933.. When the 21st Amendment again struck down the prohibition. Through this dry decade and a 1/3 only “bootleg beer” was available, which was totally different from the beer produced by legitimate brewers prior to 1920.

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