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Holiday Specials with Chef Marian

Chef Marian is offering Holiday Specials on Cooking Classes. As a Bonus when you book a class now you can do the class in January and February.

Chef Marian

Do you owe dinner invitations but don’t want to plan, shop and cook alone?

How about planning it with great easy recipes, going shopping with Chef Marian on the phone advising you, before the event, so that she can explain how to pick fruits and vegetables, and what products to buy (better price, healthier, etc.)?

You can return all the invitations you owe to take people out to dinner, in one shot! You can send them Invitations along with a small holiday gift, to make it a more rounded out present.

Your friends really deserve this (and so do you) and what a unique gift! One size fits all! lol We can do healthy or decadent….. gluten free, sugar free, or not. We design the class together! Chef Marian will simply work with you on skype and phone, to walk you through the cooking process. There’s comfort in knowing someone is ‘there’ to plan, design, review and help you avoid and fix mistakes, as you cook.

Chef Marian films her Cooking Shows, has created and leads San Diego Foodies on meetup.com, runs Encinitas Chop & Sip, has the ChefMarian.com Blog plus she’s working with kids that are less fortunate to feed them, show them how to cook and mentor them into her industry.

In the New Year, Chef Marian is creating a Foundation: No-Face-Goes-Un-Fed™. Her mission is to make sure hunger is no longer a problem in San Diego!

Cost? $100 a head. It gets more complicated the more people you have, so I like to cap it at 8 or 10.

Call 858-224-2550 to reserve a class at your home before years end (you can pay and keep the date open until you know it for sure) and receive a link to a FREE Chef Marian “Cooking Good” Cookbook. When you book now, you will also receive a free half hour wine class by skype: learn the art of sipping, swirling, and understanding the ‘finish’ of a wine, along with tips and suggestions on how to pair food and wine at your event.

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