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The GMO Struggle

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There is a simple, grass-roots cure to end the GMO struggle. Perhaps I’m a dreamer, an optimist, unrealistic in the extreme.

Written by Susan Jackson Higuchi Grace

GMO labels

Today when I read your latest article on General Mills’ Cheerios backing down under the onslaught of criticism regarding the GMO grains in their cereal, I figured it was time I finally write this idea of mine down; it’s not doing any good rattling around in my head.

After California’s vote went sour not long ago, it occurred to me that we have all been beating our chests and moaning that the laws of this land will not protect us from the evils of GMO for much too long. Seems to me, we have the equivalent of a Wild West Range War going. One big difference: in the old Cowboy movies, the Nice Guys wore white hats. The Bad Guys did not. We could tell who’s who. Oh sure, we’ve been given lists of the offenders, thanks to you. But I can’t remember them all, and I don’t want to have to carry all the negativity of those names around with me when I shop.

So here’s the plan: Why don’t we just ASK all the self-respecting, non-GMO using, White-Hat wearing Nice Guy companies very politely to voluntarily put BIG FAT LABELS on their products displaying a NO-MO GMO LOGO? You know, that red circle with the line running diagonally through big toxic green GMO letters that will let everyone know what’s what. Anytime we buy a product using the NO-MO LOGO, we will be supporting a company that refuses to participate in destroying humanity and everything else growing on the planet!

Simply stated, if all the Nice Guys AGREE to wear White Hats, we’ll be able to tell who’s who without laws and lawmakers making it happen. The White Hats don’t need anyone’s permission to change their advertising and their labels to reflect their beliefs. A major social movement like this could attract millions of consumers to shop only those companies who share the same beliefs. Of course, it would also increase sales of organics substantially and immediately.

And if the Bad Guys do try to BS their way back to top dollar sales by using the new NO-MO LOGO without actually deleting their GMO ingredients, Americans have a legal right to rise up like a White Hat nation and stomp them into the ground with class action suits till they change their fraudulent ways or go out of business.

Am I being too simplistic? Is this as easy as it seems? Am I overlooking something here? Am I mistaken to believe the Nice Guys will be thrilled to have a relatively cheap, definitive standard by which to identify themselves, that won’t slow production, is easy enough to implement, and would tell concerned citizens at a glance who the company is and where they stand? What do you think, Dr. Mercola?

I agree too!
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