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Gratitude Pie Day

Gratitude Day, what this brings up for me is LOVE in my heart. Just sharing the LOVE for myself, Sedona Pies and my friends.

Grateful Heart

Pies are just about the gift we may give to people just to say Thank you! Thank you for the LOVE you have shared with me, Thank you for being my friend, customer, my support team or whoever they are in your life that you want to celebrate.

The Power of Love is what really carries us and of course receiving a delicious pie from Sedona Pies is a BONUS.

Remember, we are all on our journey, Spirit places people in front of us for a purpose. The Purpose of your life is to Love, be of service, share be present for yourself and those around you.

Gratitude reminds me of being grateful for everyone who is in my life to teach me something, what I need to learn about me. It’s funny as I have a roommate and she keeps telling me that I am a mirror for her. She gets to look at how much she has grown and expanded. I’ve had the opportunity to do the same. Plus more, learning how to communicate more effectively, forgive myself and be grateful for all my experiences.

Yes, I am Grateful for Sedona Pies to be created to learn from starting it up and it’s success. It’s a bit of surrendering.. maybe down the road they’ll re-appear right now the doors have closed. It’s been hard to say NO, Sorry I can’t make your order. It saddens me. There is a shift taking place.

Just to say THANK YOU! I Appreciate all of you…

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