Why we don’t use additives

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Why we don’t use additives in our pies. The debate to use preservatives and additives, has been a concern for the our pies and for customers. This is why we make them natural with honest ingredients. We really don’t like to add additives simply for the fact, why do we need them? On the FDA website, they have a great article about Food Additives which is really another word for … Read more

Do people know who you are?

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When people know who you are, they’ll want more of you. Let us help you be appreciated. It’s just really simple. We find people just want to delight their husbands, their dinner guests or simply don’t want to bake or cook, so they call us to help them. If you want to be appreciated, order a Sedona Pie, your guests will be happy that you brought them something different. Something … Read more

Have you ever made a Nectarine Pie?

Have you ever made a nectarine pie? Neither had I until the other night. I was attending a workshop and went to Trader Joe’s to pickup fruit and wine to make a pie for the class. They happen to have Peaches on special – I looked at them and thought they would make a great pie. I got home and realized they were NOT Peaches they were nectarines. Even though … Read more


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