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Have you ever made a Nectarine Pie?

Have you ever made a nectarine pie? Neither had I until the other night. I was attending a workshop and went to Trader Joe’s to pickup fruit and wine to make a pie for the class.

They happen to have Peaches on special – I looked at them and thought they would make a great pie. I got home and realized they were NOT Peaches they were nectarines. Even though the box said, “Peaches.” Well, another experiment. The Nectarine pie turned out just as well. The only difference, I added almonds on top and used Chardonnay wine.

Nectarine Pie

Liz and I were driving to the class on Sunday morning – and I said to her that the pie doesn’t have a name. We just learned the day before that when we make a mistake, we call it “Sexy.”. Since this pie was a mistake of Nectarines instead of Peaches we called it a Sexy Pie.

It was delicious.. everyone commented that it was very nice as it didn’t have a really sweet taste to it. Well, considering that they were hard not juicy, I was impressed.

My friend Gail, bought me this cute mold to make heart pies..I had a chance to use it. I made a Fresh Strawberry pie. Let me tell you from a professional pie maker it’s cute and if you just want to make something different at home it’s ok. The problem I had with it, was the fresh strawberries were filled to the brim, shrunk quite a bit after it was baked. Too much dough for my liking. Thank you for thinking of me Gail.

Here’s the mold maker that I used: heart mold maker

The popover-pie it produced..Fresh Strawberries.
Strawberry popover

It was cute.. I’ll stick to make real pies.. One thing I am on the hunt for is tartlet shells for the tiny pies.

I hope you enjoyed this to hear of your experiments.

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