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Sedona Pies and Foodstart

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Sedona Pies decided to partner with FoodStart to use as our crowd funding platform to raise seed capital so we can re-launch in East Bay California.


Foodstart only serves new and expanding businesses in the food-and-beverage industry. That includes restaurants, breweries, food trucks, markets, bakeries and cafes, community farms, and packaged food and drink products – in other words, if you can eat it or drink it, Foodstarters can back it!

Why I picked them, is that they’ll help to promote your project, they have a team of professionals that will give you ideas in how to raise capital. When we collaborate together we all win!

Sedona Pies will be giving back, by donating 1% of our Sales to the Food Pantries and will Sponsor a Community Garden bed, so fresh vegetables can be grown and donated. Plus, we’ll be available for Fundraising events and dinners. You’ll be seeing us around.

I’ll let people speak for themselves in regards about how much they love Sedona Pies. Testimonials.

I have found that Sedona Pies, really brings people together – food is a great compliment to create community. When you think of welcoming someone in the community, what do you do? You bring them a pie. When you are having a picnic or potluck, pie has always been the dessert of choice.

When Sedona Pies closed in 2011, I was going through a persona transition, didn’t have the seed capital to move in a bigger way. Even though it’s was two years ago, I still get calls from people who want to order a pie, or ask am I open? My heart-breaks when I have to let them know I am closed. One day, a friend said to me, “It’s the universe telling you to begin again.” We all have personal tragedies that we go through, it’s all about keeping our faith alive for another door to open.

I would Love for you to partner with Sedona Pies, when you support us, we’ll help others the people who need it the most. We’ll be making a positive impact in the community together.

If you can’t give, I ask you to share this campaign with your friends, family and colleagues.


Thank you for your support and contributions..

The Pie Princess - rep for Sedona Pies
The Pie Princess
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Creative Director of Sedona Pies, sharing a slice of Kindness by contributing a percentage of the sales to feed the hungry one pie at a time.
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