Moving Sedona Pies to Success

Since moving to California, moving Sedona Pies to success is my next step and asking for your help. As a fan, what drives you to share and tell? I was still getting calls, like “What time are you open until?” “We want to buy a pie, what flavors do you have?” “Where can I get a pie?” “We are going to Sedona in November, or I am getting married and … Read more

Friendship Pies

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Friendship Pies are a wonderful say to stay connected to your friends, colleagues and your community. Friendshipies.foodstart from Mari-Lyn Harris As we are networking – it’s is the time of year when we start to plan our holiday dinners with friends and family for special occasions. Why do we wait for special occasions? Yes, we get busy with work, our volunteer activities and other things. I would think most people … Read more


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