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Friendship Pies

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Friendship Pies are a wonderful say to stay connected to your friends, colleagues and your community.

As we are networking – it’s is the time of year when we start to plan our holiday dinners with friends and family for special occasions. Why do we wait for special occasions? Yes, we get busy with work, our volunteer activities and other things. I would think most people are thinking and feeling coming together to celebrate, to cherish and appreciate each is important.

Sedona Pies would like to think we can help you bring together everyone for a dinner, a lunch or just because. For something new, the pies are also available to help you to raise money for your projects. Or you are seeking something that you can do to be of service.

There just seems to be many opportunities..the Biggest one is working with wineries, friends and helping you to be connected at a heart felt place.

Until next time..take care of yourself.

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