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Getting Squeezed

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A new juicer from France is making it’s way into the marketplace, Press Art Squeezer.  It’s cute. Get squeezed.

squeeze juicer

The lemons or other citrus fruits, really need to be sliced into smaller slices, in 1/4 inch or so. The other benefits are:

* Seeds stay behind in the rind and that you don’t have sticky fingers

* The lemons don’t quirt over the table.

* You get more juice out of the lemons or fruit that you use.

* It’s designed for the dinner table.

I tested this lemon squeezer called “Press Art Squeezer” with a citrus pie. I’ve never made a pie like this one..I used sliced grapefruit, lemons and oranges. In the Tart on the Beach, I would squeeze the fruit to get all the juice out.

These pictures are what the Press Art Squeezer  looks like. You can tell how simple it is.

squeeze juicer









Solid Red Square sells ergonomic kitchen ware. For more information about the juicer look on the website.




After juicing the lemons and oranges, I layered the citrus fruits, then added the juice, pinot gris wine and corn starch to thicken it. No sweetener added. It was amazingly good, a smooth finish to the taste. I had four different guys (my beta tasters) try out the pie. They thought it was delicious. The feedback I got, was perhaps to use rose grapefruit rather than the white grapefruit, would make the pie a little sweeter.








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  1. Rob
    | Reply

    I'll try that squeezer. Must be great when you have tea in the afternoon and want some lemon drops in it. No need to cut your lemon in wedges. Just half a slice will do and you keep the other part of the fruit in the fridge.
    Thank you for sharing.

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