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Gifts from the Universe

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How many times have you found yourself saying NO to gifts from the Universe?

apple & beer pie

I was asking for an opinion from a trusted friend as I was given an opportunity to have Sedona Pies represented at a meeting, by bringing samples. I do believe in giving samples, sometimes though I’ve wondered if it has been worth my while. In this case, it was a request that was, was out of the norm. Could I bring samples with no alcohol? Wow, the brand of Sedona Pies is that we only make pies with Wine, Beer and Spirits. The question was asked of me – is it the alcohol or is it the flavor that counts? The recipes are really based on the flavors that the alcohol produces in the pies.

I’ll be experimenting this week with a non-alcohol beer. Beer and Apple pies.

I’ll give you a report of the overall experiment later..

The idea that the Universe presented an idea to me of sharing Sedona Pies with people, and I just thought I’M OUT! At the same time, I did think about, why not? It’s just another version of what Sedona Pies is known for.

When you get gifts from the Universe – be sure to check yourself and ask yourself why you are saying no! The first answer that comes up is usually your ego talking.

Have you ever seen the movie with Jim Cary about saying YES!? Over the past few months, I’ve been making it my intention to say YES, more often. How many times, have you said NO to yourself – only to regret it? It’s almost setting yourself up for failure of all the NO’s you have said, from the gifts of the Universe.

In this new year of 2014, I challenge you to begin to say YES more often than not. The more YES’s that show up, the Universe will bring you more gifts.

The Kitchen Incubator that Sedona Pies will become a partner with is moving along. The Hayward Action Network and Food 4 Social Change is having their 2nd Steering Committee meeting on February 13, 2014 – 4:00pm at Hayward Action Network office in Hayward, CA.

Recently after attending a Manufacturing meeting, I learned that Food Entrepreneurs or Foodies and such, is categorized as a manufacturing cluster. Who would of thought of this? I certainly didn’t. You can read more about the progress on the Food 4 Social Change’s Blog.

This is all for now..wait for the update of the non-beer and apple pie. What I ended up making was RootBeer and GingerBeer Tarts. The vote was 50/50 of what flavor the guys liked the best.

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