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How to Find a Match for Food Specialities

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How to find a match for food specialities, when I met Robb on Linkedin in one of the Food Speciality Groups called The Food Network. Now they are also doing a food incubator.

Many discussions were about how can new food companies or vendors find you. Some of the hotel owners in the UK would host a day and invite all their connections to come sample & meet some of their vendors. Especially for speciality items.

There was a wholesaler that I knew, in Vancouver, BC Canada who sent out invites to people to come join him and meet some of his vendors in his warehouse in November of each year. I got some wonderful purchases for Christmas like Hostess gifts. Chocolate covered Fortune Cookies. Granted I had to buy a dozen at a time. The gifts were well received and appreciated.

So, why don’t more local hotels or food warehouses do this?

Robb decided that there had to be a better way to match up the buyer and seller. MyFoodTrader is focused on keeping food businesses in the know. This service will automate the process of trading, and speed up the communications between the right buyers and sellers of food products and services.

By matching businesses based on relevance and reputation, purchasing decisions are made more efficiently and accurately for both buyers and sellers.

Rob Ward, Founder of MyFoodTrader, is committed to improving the transparency from Producer to Consumer (P2C). Rob invented the term P2C, which he believes is not just demanded by consumers, but also by the food industry to ensure that there is genuine integrity and honesty from Producer to Consumer.

The purpose of is to ensure that this can be achieved profitably and efficiently for both buyers and sellers, either for trading locally or globally.


After spending over twenty years in the food industry, which ranged from supplying leading national Supermarkets, to retailing specialty and local food, Rob Ward – Founder of, felt it was time to find a better way to buy and sell food products and services.

Rob was brought up on a farm that grew soft fruit which was sold nationally and locally in the UK.

Passionate about farming and working with food producers, Robs experience has extended internationally, where he has developed a network of food professionals and businesses that has grown (and continues to grow), into many thousands, from over twenty countries around the world.

If you are ready to ship World Wide then this group is certainly a place to add your product to.

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