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What and who is They have a unique platform of helping other food companies to raise money and awareness.

The concept is simple: Customers prepay for food and receive edible credits to use like a gift card. Large prepayments can even earn edible interest. In the meantime, food businesses get the money they need to grow.”

You have a favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or grocery store? Open a tab by paying in advance. Enjoy the convenience and perks.

Credibles goes beyond mainstream crowdfunding. It’s ongoing support of local business and a stronger relationship between the business and customers. The upfront payments are paid back in-kind – as edible credits. We call them Credibles.

If you eat food, then you are an investor.” quoted by Arno Hesse one of the Founders of Credibles.

It just has become easier for food companies to provide gift cards. Good news for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, delis, bars, grocery stores, specialty food shops, bakeries, food trucks: “It just became easier to sell your own gift cards.”

Sedona Pies is listed with Credibles you can find us here. You can Sedona Pies: Support us with edible credits. our offerings.

Now not only you can pre-order your cards and give them away to your friends, family and clients. It’s just really easy to do. Why not support a local producer and get extra credits back? (more treats)

What we will accomplish with your prepayments will go to more tasting events, to expand and grow into the gourmet and luxury market. The funding will go into marketing costs. I firmly believe that the more people experience and taste or sample Sedona Pies people do order.

It’s just a win, win, win for the merchant, the buyer/customer and for the local community as you are investing also in the local marketplace. Where $8 of your money spent stays in the local community VS the over way around, where your money is exported out.

Something to think about! We at Sedona Pies would really appreciate your support of our campaign. Click here to read more about it and how you can get more for less.

Thank you!

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